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                                        In House Training Provided
*This course consists of 12 hours of training, including classroom lecture, discussions, case studies, and videotape examples. officers must achieve a minimum of 80% correct answers on a written examination. The three days of class is conducted inside the classroom training facility.
*Describe what professional conduct is for a security officer
*Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics (defined)
*Uniform and personal grooming
*Effective assertiveness
*Readiness: Shift work and sleep adjustment
*Developing rapport with management, employees and guest
*Sexual Harassment
*Internet, Cell Phone and Text-Messaging Etiquette.
                                  Security Officer Patrol Techniques
 Three days of field patrol training:
*Define patrolling
*Purposes for patrol
*Types of patrols
*Identify required equipment for a security patrol officer
*Mobile patrol and vehicle safety (defensive driving techniques)
*Preventative patrols and fire watches
*Fixed post duties and vehicle control
*Report Writing
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World Protection Inc
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